Fishing on a Paddle Board

If you've ever wondered where the serenity of paddle boarding and the thrill of fishing intersect, it's right here on a paddle board. Fishing on a paddle board isn't merely about the catch, it's about immersing yourself in nature and finding all of the places that fish hide that people on shore and in boats can't reach. It's not just fishing; it's an adventurous communion with nature.

Imagine launching your inflatable paddle board on a bright summer day. Armed with your fishing rod, cooler, you glide into untouched fishing spots, thanks to the maneuverability of your vessel.

Exploring new fishing territories becomes a lively adventure when you're perched atop your paddle board. Maneuvering through narrow waterways or among reeds to discover that under-fished cove takes on a whole new dimension when you're on a paddle board fishing expedition.

Modern inflatable paddle boards, designed from military-grade PVC material, are robust and durable. They are not only tough but also have ample surface area to keep your gear and catch secured. These inflatables are resilient, capable of withstanding the elements, including fish hooks and spines.

amazon aqua marina drift fishing paddle board loaded up

Peace and serenity fishing alone

The solitude and thrill that solo fishing on a paddle board offers are unparalleled. The moment your fishing line dives, the spark of the fish breaking the water surface, the triumph on your face – these make up this unique solo fishing experience.

Fishing on a paddle board redefines the conventional fishing experience. With a sit-down paddle board with a cooler or cooler seat, you can fish comfortably seated, surrounded by nature's spectacle, but also assured of chilled beverages and a place to stash of your catch.

Imagine a dawn fishing expedition. With just you, your paddle board, rod, gear, and a remote wilderness lake, hiding secret fishing spots full of fish that the rugged terrain has prevented anyone from reaching. There is no boat launch nor any good spots to fish from the shore. And it is all yours for the fishing!

Fun fishing with friends

Having fun fishing with companions on inflatable paddle boards ushers in a friendly spirit of competitiveness. With independent paddle boards, you're able to cover diverse areas, pitting your fishing prowess against your buddies. It's you, them, the water, and the prospect of glorious victory. The person netting the best catch will indeed make for a celebration and tale around the campfire!

If you're fishing with friends, the shared elation of casting lines together, savoring cold beers, and watching the sunsets redefine friendship. Also, a cooler up front serves as a handy fridge to keep your spoils fresh and drinks chilled.

Having fun fishing with companions on inflatable paddle boards ushers in a friendly spirit of competitiveness. With independent paddle boards, you're able to cover diverse areas, pitting your fishing prowess against your buddies. It's you, them, the water, and the prospect of glorious victory. The person netting the best catch will indeed make for a celebration and tale around the campfire!

This is a great video from an expert showing her setup for fishing on a paddle board.

Thrilling for beginners and experts alike

Fishing on a paddle board isn't limited to seasoned anglers alone. Try your hand, dear Beginner! The thrill of learning to paddle combined with the anticipation of hooking your first fish is an exhilarating experience. With a sit down paddle board setup, you don't actually have to stand up to change locations or to fish. It all can be done sitting down in comfort until you build your confidence.

Paddle board fishing isn't without light moments either. There might be times a sprightly fish fights back and you get dragged all over the lake. But that's all part of the thrill.

Gear for fishing on a paddle board

Paddle board fishing is practical too. It's lightweight, portable, and can carry your gear, rods, and nets. Plus, it's a cost-effective option compared to a boat. Its accessibility and maneuverability make paddle boards a preferred vessel for recreational fishing.

Essential accessories for paddle board fishermen would undeniably include a sturdy rod holder. This contraption liberates your hands, letting you focus on paddling or tackling that wriggly fish snagged at the end of your line. A well-placed, solid tackle box ensures all your hooks, lines, and baits are in perfect order. Trust me, organization is the key to smooth fishing!

Speaking of your paddle board get-up, let's dwell on the age-old debate: a folding style seat or a cooler seat? A cooler seat, while offering seating comfort, doubles up as a fantastic storage unit, handling your catch and keeping your beverages chilled. The folding style seat is low on bulk and high on portability. But the allure of a cooler seat, my friend, is quite far-reaching.

Our favorite gear for fishing on a paddle board

Favorite paddle board to fish on

At just under 11 feet long and 38 inches wide, the Aqua Marina Drift paddleboard is very stable and purpose built for fishing by one of the top paddle board manufacturers. On a narrower board, the higher center of gravity sitting on top of a cooler, especially when loaded would be precarious.

The super tough and durable drop stitch core material makes a stress-free trip for your favorite fishing hole or trek down a lazy river. There is also a full deck traction pad for comfort whether standing, kneeling or sitting. There are two d-rings in the center for strapping down the cooler seat (sold separately). Also included are two removable fishing rod holders.

This inflatable paddle board, easy to transport and set up, with its integrated cooler seat (see below), is indeed a boon for adventurers seeking new pastures to fish, yearning for more memorable times with friends and family, or simply wanting to relax amidst Mother Nature.

amazon aqua marina drift fishing paddle board cooler chest
amazon aqua marina drift fishing paddle board package

Favorite fishing paddle board on a budget

At just under 11 feet long and 35 inches wide, this paddleboard is also stable and purpose built for fishing. The Flypark is about half the price of the Aqua Marina Drift.

At only 20 pounds deflated, it can carry up to 430 pounds and is a very stable fishing platform regardless of whether you prefer fishing standing up or sitting down ...or both!

This board comes with a kayak seat and is outfitted with four d-rings for attaching any seat you like!  If you don't like that, you can easily upgrade to a more comfortable folding chair or purchase a fishing cooler seat (see recommendations below)

This board comes with two fishing mounts, one fishing rod holder and a ruler printed on the board graphics for easy measuring of your catch.  The double 4-point bungee system is customized with buckles instead of traditional pre-set d-rings, allowing you to bind your gear as your will.

The non-slip EVA deck pad of the Flypark inflatable paddle board is decorated with deeply grooved bars and crocodile patterns, which not only provides a soft and comfortable surface to stand, kneel or sit on but also creates a canal to drain rapidly

amazon flypark budget fishing paddle board buckle detail
amazon flypark budget fishing paddle board

Favorite fishing cooler seat setup

This super light durable and ridiculously usable cooler is amazing. It is made of extra thick insulation but weighs in at only 16 ounces! You can store fish, drinks, snacks, ice, etc. for 8 hours with no worries.

The comfortable, high back chair folds down for storage. It also features a foam cushion seat, bait and string trays! There are both a handle and strap for easy portability.

The lid can be opened from both sides via its unique closure/hinge system. The tackle box compartment can be opened to access the compartment and you can lift up the entire tackle box to access the inside of the cooler, making it easy to slip your catch into the cooler without having to get up and open the whole thing!

Best yet, you can strap the whole cooler down to your Drift paddle board using the straps included inside the cooler! No worries about losing your cooler back to the fish.

amazon aqua marina cooler seat

Favorite separate seat and cooler setup


At 19.5" x 12.5" x 14.5", this 30-quart drybox cooler is the perfect size for paddle boarding. Packed with fishing friendly features it is portable and lightweight but can also carry 45 pound of ice or 48 beverage cans.  Plenty of room for a fish or ten on ice!  

All the fittings are marine grade stainless steel and there are 4 rod holders.  It also doubles as a dry box to keep water out if you want to protect your camera, gear or emergency kit.  Comes in three colors, bright orange, tan and white.


This paddling seat is made out of aluminum alloy so it is strong, light and we do not have to worry about them rusting. This seat has a a mesh cushion with is very comfortable and fast drying if someone splashes you or you are dealing with alot of boat wakes.

Speaking of boat wakes, this seat stays in place perfectly on your paddleboard without straps so we haven't bothered using any ...even though they would be easy to install. It is very stable on the paddle board even when rocking sideways because of bad weather or boat wakes. 

We love this new paddling chair. because provides great support to your back and also allows us to easily adjust our back position using the straps on the side. If you find that the strap slips a little leaving you increasingly reclined as you paddle, simply tie a half hitch or any other knot in the loose part of the strap near the buckle after adjusting the seat to the perfect angle.

amazon engel fishing cooler tan
amazon diyarea folding paddle board seat

The minimalist charm of a sit-down paddle board, coupled with the functionality of a folding or a cooler seat, addresses comfort without compromising on fun. Not only does paddle board fishing give your body a workout, but it's also considerably easier to clean and maintain than a boat.

So why confine your adventures to the shore or a cluttered fishing boat? With an inflatable paddle board, be ready to weave countless stories, bask in the sun, and amass more fish tales than ever before. In the hustle of life, let paddle board fishing beckon you towards tranquility, laughter, adventure, and of course, a great catch.

So folks, it’s time to kick off those boots, strap on your water sandals, spread on some sunscreen, get that sit-down paddle board with a cooler seat, stash your fishing gear and embark upon an exhilarating journey.

We hope to see you out on the water!

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