Paddle Board with Two Seats

Welcome, dear friend! Embrace the winds of adventure and let's dive into the sweeping waters of the paddle boarding world. Have you considered the fascinating experience of a paddle board with two seats? It doesn't just multiply the fun, but also broadens the beautiful horizon of shared laughter and the thrill of adventure.

Let's paint a picture. You and your better half, ensconced on a sit-down paddle board, meandering through sapphire waters under a golden sunset. You alternate between playful splashes and tranquil moments, whispering your dreams to each other as the world floats by. This romantic escapade is a punctuation mark in the constant ebb and flow of life, a moment to remember forever.

Now, picture an adventurous day of discovery and bonding with your child. Paddling through a hidden inlet, you open up a whole new world of nature’s theatres. Sitting together on the inflatable paddle board, you navigate past willowy reeds, with curious fishes darting below. This isn't just an outdoor activity, it's an opportunity for your child to learn, grow and appreciate the bounties of nature.

Envision an elderly parent, decked in a sunshine smile, as you gently paddle through serene waters, their eyes sparkling with affection and exhilaration. Paddle boarding, my friend, isn't just limited to the young and spry, it's a fun adventure awaiting enthusiasts of all ages.

paddle board with two seatsPaddling the river at Crested Butte, Colorado. Kristin and John seated comfortably on our Aqua Marina Monster while the kids in their floaties hold on.

Experience more fun with a paddle board with two seats

Now, what makes a paddle board with two seats such exceptional fun? Well, the charm lies in its symbiosis of fun adventure and safety. Think of it as a large canvass of buoyant stability, ready to paint your laughter and shared stories on the open waters.

Plus, the two seats make it a socially engaging activity, a great way to spend time with family, friends, even your furry buddy! It's not just about paddling, it's about creating unforgettable memories, one stroke at a time.

Seat options

Let's talk about the seats themselves. One option is a kayak seat - boasting advanced ergonomics, it not only ensures a comfortable experience but also provides commendable back support. Plus, it's versatile - transforming your paddleboard into a sit-on-top kayak in an instance!

But what if comfort is your top priority? Well, that’s where a folding low-profile beach chair swoops in. It is a cocoon of comfort, ensuring unprecedented relaxation as your paddleboard skims across the waters.

Both the kayak seat and the beach chair have their perks. The kayak seat is more familiar to some and provides support and versatility. The beach chair prioritizes better back support, comfort, relaxation and ease, letting you soak up the sun while gently bobbing on the water.

family paddle boarding adventureFun family adventure paddling tandem with kids, grandparents and dogs!


Safety is another bonus of the paddle board with two seats. The wide surface area of the board offers increased stability, reducing the risk of accidental capsizes, especially with beginner paddlers. To see new places, you don’t always require fearlessness, just a thoughtful friend in the form of a sit-down paddle board.

Great exercise

What's more? Paddle boarding is not just a fun adventure but a revitalizing workout too. Engaging your core and paddle-torquing your arms, you can keep in shape while sharing joyful moments with a loved one.

It's not just the physical conditioning, though. Paddle boarding carries a rhythm, a meditative essence that dances with the water, calming your mind and refreshing your spirit. It's an effortless union with nature and a beautiful way to unwind.

Learning to paddle board while seated is easy

Paddle boarding with two seats is easy to learn. Yes, there's a learning curve with balance, paddle strokes and maneuvers, but sit-down paddle boards offer a more forgiving introduction to the art of paddleboarding.

So, are you ready to push boundaries, ready to dip your toes in this world of paddle boarding? Whether you are a seasoned veteran looking to bring in a social element or a newcomer exploring the outdoors, a paddle board with two seats offers an exceptional experience.

Be sure to choose the right paddle board and seats for the best experience

Choosing the right board and seating arrangement can be crucial to your enjoyment. Your choice will ultimately depend on your personal preferences, your desired balance between comfort, versatility, and safety. We have had alot of experience paddle boarding with two seats. We routinely take our kids out, our parents and when exploring remote lakes, will often just put one paddle board in the backpack since we like to explore new lakes together on our Aqua Marina Monster.

Tips for choosing the right paddle board for two people

Three things are important when choosing the right paddle board with two seats.

First you want a board that is between eleven and twelve feet long. That way you can fit two people on seats with plenty of leg room and room for gear.

You also want a board that is a minimum of thirty three inches wide. Thirty four to thirty five inches is even better if you want to be super stable.

Lastly you want to have lots of d-rings on the surface of the board for attaching your gear and your seats. While we don’t usually attach our reclining, folding seats, it is always nice to have the option if you are planning to run rapids or are playing in the surf.

So in summary you want a board that is:

  • 11-12 feet long
  • 33-35 inches wide
  • Lots of options for attaching your seats and gear

Here are our 2 favorite paddle boards for carrying two people

Isle Switch

We love this Isle brand Switch model paddle board.  They call it a hybrid kayak and paddle board.  At 11 feet 6 inches long it has plenty of room for two people.  At 35.5 inches wide, it is super stable while also fun to paddle.  It will hold a total of 425 pounds and weighs only 19 pounds!  

Best yet, the Switch comes equipped a series of rugged webbing loops that run the length of the paddle board allowing you to attach gear anywhere you want to!  We have found this to be a dream when it comes to using this board with two people as well as solo, solo with the dog, solo with the dog and cooler, etc. 

All of the Isle gear and accessories come with stainless steel "G" clips which make attaching and detaching things a snap, but you can also easily use your own carabiners and other accessories with clips.  

The Isle Switch comes with one of their "Cloud Kayak Seats".  This inflatable seat is super comfortable and provides excellent back support.  Unfortunately, the package only comes with one seat so so for a paddle board with two seats you will either need to buy a second Cloud seat or buy another seat if you want both people to be seated comfortable.  If it is your husband, wife or significant other you plan to paddle with we recommend a second seat.  If it is a kid.... well, then you can get buy with just the one seat or purchase an inexpensive folding seat.  

We only have one of these boards, but another great feature is you can easily attach two or more of these kayaks together which is super cool if you are paddling in a group and want to eat lunch together or if you are doing yoga.  

The Isle Switch is not the least expensive paddle board of it's size, but we think it provides outstanding value for what you pay.  Plus it is so versitile, you may buy it so that you can paddle with two people, but you may find yourself fishing on it next year, going camping solo using it and doing yoga with multiple people the year after that.

Skatinger with choice of chair and paddle

We like this Skatinger blow up paddle board because it is super stable for both standing and seated use. Out on a lake with motor boats kicking up big waves? No problem! Out on a river and see a little rapid that looks fun to go down? It will be fun! Simply pair this board with one or two of the the folding or kayak seats (see options below)!

This paddle board is 11 feet long, 34 inches wide and 6 inches thick making it the perfect tandem paddle board.  There are 12 stainless steel d-rings installed along the sides of this board with are perfect for attaching one or two seats with plenty left over for attaching your gear.  This board is very economical.

We like that it is only 20 pounds and comes with a nice backpack so you could hike in to a mountain lake, inflate your paddle board and explore the entire lake! One of our favorite memories of exploring Long Lake in the Lakes Basin area of California. It is nestled in a steep alpine valley, so it is impossible to hike around Long Lake. However with our paddle board and two chairs we were able to explore every cove of this amazing lake and even had a beautiful picnic lunch on one of the little islands in the middle.

Lastly we really appreciate the super useful accessories that come with this paddle board

  • Surfboard shoulder strap (Unique non-slip design!)
  • Ankle leash (standard you can use it for so many things like tying off the board to a tree or rock so you can lie down and have a nap)
  • US Central Fin (Tool-less fins + screws, firm and not easy to fall off)
  • 5L Dry bag (great to pack your lunch in)
  • Mobile phone waterproof bag (we always bring a phone for pictures!)
  • Rapid inflation pump

Since this board does not come with them, you will need to buy a couple seats and two kayak style paddles.

Here are the seats and paddles we recommend based on our experience.

Here is our favorite paddle for paddling tandem while sitting on a 33-35 inch wide paddle board.

For sitting on the paddleboard with two seats we prefer a kayak style paddle because they are the most comfortable and efficient to use.  These paddles come apart in two pieces for easy storage and feature a stainless steel snap that you use to securely attach the two pieces together.  There are two additional snap holes so you can feather the paddle making paddling easier on your arms and shoulders as you wish.  

Some last thoughts...

Remember, the paddle boarding world is your oyster. As a community, we are all here to support each other. Whether you are seeking information or planning to purchase your first paddle board, you have landed on the right shore.

So, my friends, embrace the ebbs and flows of life, paddle into the sunset and treasure the moments of joyous companionship on a paddle board with two seats. Cruise along the journey, inhale the freshness of adventure, and leave the mundane ashore.

Remember, the adventure doesn’t end once you purchase a paddle board. It’s merely the beginning of a new chapter. So, go forth and make waves with a paddle board that fits your specific needs and desires. May the winds of fun adventure ever be in your favor and may your paddle board with two seats be your humble vessel of joy in your voyage of discovery.

We hope to see you out on the water!

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