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Hello there, my adventurous friend! So, you've caught the paddleboarding bug and you are wondering about the best pump for paddle board? Not to worry, we are here to help make your experience even more thrilling and less of a workout. It'll be your key to more fun, and a faster setup on your expeditions.

First of all you are likely wondering what PSI you should inflate your board to. For us that depends on how we plan to paddle board.

When we plan to paddle sitting down we only inflate our paddle board to 5-7psi.
If we plan to stand up we inflate our boards to 12-15psi.
If we plan to do both or we aren’t sure, then we inflate our boards to 12 psi.
If we are able to inflate our boards using our electric pump, we will inflate them to the higher end of the range. If we are inflating them by hand then we will inflate them to the lower end of the range.

To get an idea of how many pumps this means, for our large 12-foot x 33inch Aqua Marina Monster paddle boards we typically have to put in 400 pumps (total) when using our dual action pump to bring the board to 5 psi and around 600 pumps (total) to get the board to 12 psi. Smaller boards take less pumps to inflate.

As I mentioned, inflating your paddleboard doesn't have to feel like an Olympian event. Picture this: you left your city apartment eager to hit the open water, get into your rhythm and feel the breeze whispering across your face. But first, you must inflate this big, bulky board. Or do you? Enter, your savior: the electric pump for paddle board.

Electric pump for paddle board

Electric pumps are the Ferrari of the paddle board pump world. Strapping, good-looking, and they do all the work while you kick back and take in the panoramic views. The best electric sup pump deflates just as easily after your adventurous day. Tired? No problem—the electric air pump takes care of it.

Of course, the sweet life comes with a hangover. Electric pumps can be a bit pricy and they do require a recharge after a few uses. Don’t forget that you’ll need access to electricity for that.

There are two types of electric pumps. The first uses a 12-volt DC car connector to power it. The second uses a rechargeable battery pack making it more portable but also triple the price. Here are the details about both.

Our favorite 12-volt DC electric pump for paddle board

amazon outdoormaster 12vDC inflator pump

amazon outdoormaster 12vDC inflator pump in action

We like OutdoorMaster’s Dolphin II 20PSI High Pressure 12-volt DC Paddle Board Pump 

This pump is small, only 9.45-inches long by 4.33-inches tall, portable, lightweight, and fairly quiet, producing only 80 decibels of sound while inflating. Is that completely quiet? No. It does make noise while inflating, just less noise than other pumps of a similar size.
This pump works hard, so it does get hot while it is doing its job, so it is best to keep it in the shade or at least in an area where it is well ventilated.

The upside is that it does its job quickly. It will inflate a normal paddle board to 15 psi in around 11 minutes.

The pump itself only weighs about 3 pounds and is fairly small, only 10.2-inches long by 7.2-inches wide and 6.6-inches tall.

One of the features we really appreciate is that you can set the pressure you want the inflator to fill your paddle board to and it will fill it to that pressure and then shut off automatically. For Julie that means she can put sunscreen on the kids and get snacks and water ready while the paddle boards inflate.

You do need to know that after setting your desired pressure you need to push the two buttons to get the pump to start.

Last, the pump comes with a variety of nozzles to fit most high-pressure inflatables so you can use it for more than just your paddle board.

We highly recommend this most economical electric pump for paddle board we have seen.

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Our favorite battery powered rechargeable electric pump for paddle board

In terms of rechargeable inflator pumps we like the THURSO SURF 20PSI Rechargeable Digital Electric Paddle Board Pump 

We love this pump because not only does it feature a 4000mAh polymer lithium battery capable of inflating three paddle boards on a single charge, you can also connect it to your car using the cigarette lighter cable for a continuous power supply. That means you can inflate your paddle board even when the battery is dead, which is great because John has a problem remembering to charge things (like our electric assist mountain bikes).

Best yet, the pump features portable USB charging capable of reaching a full charge in 2.5 hours.

It also has the same cool feature as the Dolphin II 12-volt DC Pump 12 where you can set the psi rating (between 0-15 psi) that you want your stand up paddleboard to be inflated to, press start and it will inflate the paddleboard to that exact pressure before shutting off.

It’s really convenient, takes all the guesswork out, and allows you to just plug it in, start it, and do other things while this little pump does the work.

The pump features a dual motor inflator which results in 30% faster inflation times since it can inflate at 360 liters per minute at low pressure and only goes down to 78 liters per minute inflation rate under high pressure. This results in inflation times of 8 minutes to fill a 10.5-foot SUP to 15 psi.

This small but mighty pump weighs five pounds and measures 12.5-inches x 10.5-inches x 4.5-inches making it very portable. It comes with four nozzles and a carrying case.

This is the best battery powered, portable electric pump for paddle board we have seen.

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amazon thurso surf battery powered inflator pump

amazon thurso surf battery powered inflator pump in action

Single action pump for paddle board

But what if you're the type who values every shoulder flex and enjoys a warm-up before hitting the water? Then my friend, the single-action inflatable paddle board pump is your secret weapon. It’s a paddleboard air pump that works in one direction - when you push down.

These pumps are sturdy little workhorses and come with the bonus of a good warm-up. You’ll, of course, need a bit of muscle power and patience as it takes longer to inflate the board than an electric or a double action pump. Many budget paddle board purchase packages come with a single action pump

Double action pump for paddle board

Maybe you're a bit impatient, but still love the idea of a manual pump. Double action pumps are your answer here. These beauties work when you pull up and push down, cutting the inflation time by half. They are not significantly larger or heavier than the single action pumps, so if you plan to hike your paddle board and pump into high mountain lakes, a double pump may be a smart and economical choice.

Increasingly paddle board purchase packages are coming with double action pumps, but they are not always as reliable as single action. We had one that wouldn’t inflate our board unless we pumped it very vigorously. Unfortunately, Julie didn’t figure that out until she had put in over a thousand strokes!

Our favorite double action paddle board pump

amazon thurso double action inflator pump product image

amazon thurso double action inflator pump settings

We like the Thurso Surf High Efficiency Dual Action Paddle Board Pump    because it allows you to inflate your paddle board quickly. Its innovative double-action valve seamlessly switches between low and high pressure settings.

When in dual action mode the pump inflates your paddle board both when you push down and when you pull up, making the inflation process faster when the pressure in your board it low.

Once your board had filled up and the pressure gets over 5 psi, it is too hard to use dual action mode and you switch the pump to single action mode meaning that it only puts air into your paddle board when you push down on the handle.

So in summary, first you use the dual action mode to inflate your paddle board to around 5 psi. When the pressure makes it hard to paddle in dual action mode, you switch to single action mode to finish inflating your paddle board to its final pressure for the day.

When we plan to paddle sitting down we only inflate our paddle board to 5-7psi. If we plan to stand up we inflate our boards to 12-15psi.

The Thurso dual action pump is capable of inflating up to 29 psi and comes with the HR valve adapter necessary to lock your inflator to a variety of paddle boards.

The thing we like best about this light, 2.5-pound pump is that it has a detachable handle and foldable base so that it measures just 25 inches high and 5 inches wide so we can easily slip it into our paddle board backpack for when we are hiking into the amazing, remote mountain likes we love to tour and fish in.

This is the best dual action pump for paddle board we have seen.

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Triple action pump for paddle board

Oh, but let me introduce you to the King Kong of manual pumps – the triple action pump. Triple action pumps bring in a factor of control, making them easy to use and providing a faster pump time than the double or single action.

These pumps come with three settings. Start on setting one – that’s your high-capacity, low pressure mode. When the pumping seems more difficult, switch to setting two, then finally to setting three. This is your low-capacity, high-pressure mode, designed to help you reach those last few PSIs with less effort.

Many triple action pumps also have dual air chambers so you are emptying not one, but two air chambers into your paddle board with each stroke.  This cuts inflation time by 50%.

Impressed? Remember, the triple action can be a big investment and a bulkier pump to carry around. But if you’re a regular in the paddleboarding world, it's worth considering as it does make the inflation process so much more pleasant (and quicker!).

Our favorite triple action paddle board pump

The Thurso Surf Dual Chamber Triple Action Pump ( is our favorite.

Not only is it 100% faster to inflate our boards with this dual chamber manual pump compared to a single chamber manual pump, it is also much easier on the arms since it features three pumping modes tailored to low, medium and high pressure conditions.

The three settings work as follows:

  • Setting #1 - Low pressure (0-5 PSI)
  • Setting #2 – Medium pressure (5-10 PSI)
  • Setting #3 - High pressure (10-15 PSI)

It is crafted from aluminum tube which is more durable than the dual action pumps.

We especially like how compact this pump is as well. It is only 25-inches tall and 7-inches wide when you fold the base up. Weighing in at around 4.8-pounds this pump will usually fill a paddle board in about 10 minutes. If we are planning to sit down, it takes even less time.

If you need to use a manual pump, this is the best paddle board air pump we have found.

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amazon thurso triple action inflator pump product image

amazon thurso triple action inflator pump settings

Choosing the right pump for paddle board

When purchasing your pump, consider where you'll be paddleboarding, how often, and your budget. Wherever you decide to purchase your paddle board pump, ensure it’s from a reputable source. It's an investment and, like all good investments, should be well thought out and researched.

So, you see, choosing a pump for paddle board is a bit like dating. It all depends on your preferences. You could opt for the ease and convenience of the electric pump, get a quick warm-up with a double-action, or take it a notch higher with a triple-action pump.

Picture an early morning paddleboarding expedition. A date with the sun, the water, and your paddleboard. With an electric pump, you save your energy for the water. Sip your coffee while your board inflates itself. The hassle-free mornings make the cost absolutely worth it!

Or perhaps, you enjoy an after-work paddleboard session. You like winding down with the rhythm of the water and your breath. The mechanical act of working the single or double-action pump is therapeutic. The pump might take some effort, but hey, no pain no gain, right?

And if you're the weekend warrior, hitting different locations with rapidly changing conditions, the triple-action gives you control over the inflation process. It works smoothly no matter the weather, making it the perfect companion for regulars.

The best pump for paddle board all comes down to your budget and how you plan to use your paddle board. With the right pump, you will get out on the water and use your paddle board more.

Final Thoughts

Remember, getting out there on the water with your paddleboard is the ultimate goal. The right pump can make this process faster, easier, and even more fun!

While there's no definite answer to the 'best' inflatable paddle board pump, I hope my recommendations will help you find what suits you best. So here's to pumping your way to fantastic paddleboarding experiences! Raise your paddles high, my friends. Let the adventures begin!

We hope to see you out on the water!

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