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Welcome, my adventurous friends, to the fantastic world of paddle boarding! Just as a hiker needs a quality backpack, good boots, and perhaps an inspiring trail mix, a paddle boarder requires great paddle board accessories to maximize their water journey. We have a grand list of gear here that opens up a plethora of activities.

Paddle board accessories drastically enhance this versatility and convenience. They endow you with the flexibility to tailor your experience as per your mood, the environment, or company.

Looking for a relaxing afternoon? Your paddle board, with a seat and an anchor, becomes a serene floating oasis. Hunting for thrilling speed? A lightweight paddle and SUP shoes equip for an impromptu race with friends.

paddle board accessories

Keen on winter adventures? Dress in paddle board clothing, don your gloves and get set to conquer frosty waters. Fishing or exploring remote locations? Your dry bag, fish finder, trolley, and electric pump complete your adventure kit.

There’s a plentitude of ways in which paddle boarding is enjoyable with the right gear. Accessories introduce you to activities you never imagined could be done on a paddle board, making it easier, safer, and more exciting.

Here are some of our favorites!


Let's start with the merit of an excellent paddle, either a stand-up paddle or a kayak paddle. Imagine gliding smoothly across a crystal lake at dawn, your paddle slicing silently through the water. Having a quality stand up paddle board paddle, or kayak paddle, or convertible paddle board paddle changes the game entirely, making every stroke efficient and calm.

convertable paddle


paddle board seat

You may also decide to sit down and glide, transforming your paddle board into a comfortable kayak. We recommend a kayak seat or a folding paddle board seat. Both are adaptable, two-in-one solutions for days you wish to rest your legs or to enjoy paddling in a different style.  You can also get an inflatable seat if you don't mind one more thing to inflate.  


amazon gradient fitness marine anchor folding

What if you need a break from paddling, or want to secure your board while fishing or doing yoga? This is where an anchor is very handy. Deploy your anchor and enjoy a relaxing afternoon floating on your board, fishing, or performing the most serene Savasana.

What if you need a break from paddling, or want to secure your board while fishing or doing yoga? This is where an anchor is very handy. Deploy your anchor and enjoy a relaxing afternoon floating on your board, fishing, or performing the most serene Savasana.

Waterproof Dry Bags

waterproof drybag

Oh, let’s not forget dry bags. Imagine cruising along an enchanting, twisting river, laden with the spoils of a picnic lunch. Envision stowing your gear safely in a dry bag, knowing that even if you take an unexpected swim, your sandwiches are safe.

Pumps / Inflators

inflator pump

An electric paddle board pump is another accessory to consider. It simplifies the task of inflating your board, turning an arduous hand-pumping workout into an easy prep job. Now, you can save all your energy for the water! Especially if you have a trolley, having a pump makes inflating your paddle board quick and easy.

Most paddle boards come with a manual pump. But not all manual pumps are created equal. Imagine having a super-efficient manual pump that packs efficiently and allows you to transport your paddle board and pump up a 3-mile trail to a secret high mountain lake loaded with fish? Being able to efficiently inflate your paddle board in remote areas with no electricity can make a huge difference.

Life Jackets / Life Vests

life vest

On to life jackets. Picture a sunny day filled with laughter and splashes as your family explores a hidden cove. Whether it’s a paddle board life jacket for humans or dog life jackets, these vital accessories ensure an adventurous yet safe outing. Not all life jacket are created equal so check out all the options.


paddle board clothing

Let's talk clothing. Just as nobody goes swimming in a parka, no paddle boarder should be without water-ready apparel. Wear quick-drying shorts, a sun-protective shirt, and a hat designed for water sports. They promise to keep you comfortable and sunburn-free.

Just a few items of clothing that you want to consider include:

  • neoprene pants
  • neoprene shorts
  • paddle jacket
  • hat
  • sarong wrap


Wondering about the Best Shoes for Paddle Boarding?  SUP shoes are another must-have accessory. Imagine hiking upstream, then effortlessly transitioning to paddle boarding in these crossover shoes. Like to paddle board in the winter when the water is freezing? No problem. You can be ready to paddle in any setting with your feet protected, warm, and slip-free. Check out all our favorite options.


paddle board gloves

One of the most important paddle board accessories on long paddle board trips or when the weather gets cold. Winter paddling can be magical - imagine touring your favorite lake while it is surrounded with snow. You have the entire lake to yourself. But it begs the question - what about your hands? The answer is paddle boarding gloves. You can enjoy an icy escapade without worrying about frozen fingers.

Likewise, the right gloves can save you blisters if you like to go on long touring paddles on a hot sunny day.


paddle board trolley

Inflatable paddle boards open up a world of possibilities, allowing you to explore remote lakes and rivers. But transporting any paddle board can be a hassle. There are several super useful paddle board accessories for that, namely paddle board trolleys. Load your board and wheel it effortlessly to the water's edge, either by hand or by bicycle.

Fish Finders

fish finder

And finally, there's the fish finder. Imagine charting a course across a sleepy bay, armed with the knowledge of where the fish are biting. For those who love to fish, a fish finder accessory turns your paddle board into a high-tech casting platform.


paddle board storage rack

Inflatable paddle boards take up a lot less storage space than rigid boards. However there are great storage options that allow you to leave your paddle board safe in the knowledge that it will be in perfect condition when you are ready to go back out on the water.

Why it is so important to pick the right paddle board accessories – they open up a world of new adventures!

Having the right paddle board accessories is critical to your enjoyment of paddle boarding. 

Picture this - you inflate your paddle board with its kayak seat using your electric paddle board pump and wheel it to a stunning remote river location using your trolley. There you go for a magical and relaxing paddle in the warm sun before dropping anchor in the shade alongside the river and enjoying a cold beverage and sandwich from your cooler. Tummy full, you stow your seat and lie back on your paddle board for a nice nap while listening to the sounds of nature and the water lapping on your floating bed.

Or perhaps you take your entire family to lake for a paddle board adventure. Half the family likes to stand and the other likes to sit. Everyone wears life jackets including both dogs. Half way thru your tour around the lake you stop at a small island near the middle and you take a delicious lunch out of its dry bag for everyone to enjoy. After refueling your husband and son grab their fishing poles and paddle a little ways away before dropping anchor and getting their bait out of their cooler. While they fish, everyone else takes a nap.

Or perhaps you go camping at the beach for the weekend with friends. The campground is ¼ mile from the water’s edge. No worries, it only takes a moment to inflate your paddle board in the campground and it is easy to wheel everything you need down to the beach on top of your paddleboards using your trolley.

These are just a few of the experiences we have had on our paddle boards. Over the years we have come to count on tried and true accessories that do not let us down. Save yourself time an energy as we provide you the pros and cons to the most popular accessories.

Final thoughts

Paddle boarding is more than a sport. It’s a passport to fun, adventure, relaxation, and bonding. Explore new places or see familiar spots from a fresh perspective. Get your heart racing or take a breather while drifting with the current.

So, whether you're new to paddle boarding or a seasoned enthusiast, consider spicing up your adventures with a few paddle board accessories. They promise to transform your experiences from fun to outstanding escapades!

We hope to see you out on the water!

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